Advantage Transportation now offers a web interface with our Transportation software.
If you have not done so already, Please obtain your login information from Jessica Candia.
You can reach her at Or you may call her at 801-956-0296 ext 359


Once logged in, you can TRACE your order by going to the Trace tab.
You can search for your order by PO, Pro-Bill or date.
Drill down and you may obtain specific trace information about your shipment.

Pickup Request

Once Logged in, from the pick-up request tab, you may place your order online.
Please DO NOT forget to input a Purchase Order or PO number.
We need the PO in order to schedule a pick-up from your shipper.
Once your order is placed online, you should receive and email confirmation with the PROBILL number.
This number is what is needed to trace your shipment.
Thank You for placing your order online.